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Chakra Grounding Meditation

Frustrations, fears, worries and negative challenges are held at bay through sheer will. However, as we addressed our fears and worries in last week's meditation by focusing on the now, reality often feels like a burden. This week we are going to focus on grounding; that is, finding a place of stability and relaxation where we can face our demons.

We are going to put the attention to the seven charkas for this meditation, energizing and clearing each chakra in turn.

Begin by finding a comfortable sitting position with the back straight, shoulders relaxed and the head resting comfortably on the neck. Put your attention to the breath as you feel the slow, smooth breath being pulled deeply into your lungs. Let the breath be deep, calm and slow. Spend whatever time you need to find your sense of centeredness. Once you have reached that quiet, centered, floaty feeling, then you are ready to begin the grounding meditation.

Place your attention to the base of the spine and visualize a silver cord streaming from the base of your spinal column down into the earth, deeper and deeper into the cool earth. This silver cord is a band of energy that can move through any atmosphere or form easily. See the cord going deeper and deeper into the earth until it becomes warm from the heat of the center of the earth. It does not overheat but simply feels warm and this warmth comes back up through the silver cord to the base of the spine.

The base of the spine is the known as the root chakra and is the seat of creativity bringing us health, prosperity and security. Allow the warmth and energy of the silver cord to spread with a soft red color that feels safe and secure and mentally energizing. You can feel this warmth stimulating your creative thoughts, stirring your idea center. You don't have to see images or feel solid ideas forming, but you definitely feel a surge of creativity in the form of productive desire. You simply want to do, to be and to see manifestations of the many ideas you have had in the past and recently. You are becoming the creative being you feel you are.

As this soft red color spreads, begin to move the color up the spine to the abdomen, seeing it transmute softly into a warm orange color. As this orange color moves toward the spleen, it begins to energize your physical being quietly, without nervousness, but with a soft strength. The spleen chakra is the energy center that feeds your physical energy reserves. As you feel the warmth of the orange in your abdomen, you are aware of a deeper sense of self through feeling and personal awareness. You also feel a connectedness to those you love as the color gives you a feeling of fulfillment. Move your attention quietly back along the silver cord and see the energy move from the earth up through your spine and changing from red to orange as it settles in your spleen chakra. Enjoy the grace of this energy.

Feel the gentle pull of the third chakra, the solar plexus, pulling the color from orange to a clear, smooth yellow. The yellow of the sun shines through your solar plexus, energizing your sense of personal power. Feel how much stronger the awareness of this sun-light makes you feel. The color is no longer warm, but it is energizing. It is the source of centered energy, true effectiveness, confident spontaneity and a power that does not dominate but that creates and supports your world. Let this yellow expand beyond your solar plexus until your mind's eye is almost blinded by the glory. It is a feeling of power that leaves you feeling happy, strong and secure.

The heart chakra is now gently calling. As your attention moves up the spine from the solar plexus to the heart area, the color yellow is melting into a fresh, soft green that feels soothing and cool and healing. Through the heart chakra, we experience deep compassion, a love that is beyond the physical and truly heartfelt. The resulting feeling of connectedness is beyond self and extends outward to your friends, family, community and will eventually encompass the world if you allow it to grow. This chakra melds the many parts of self into a cohesive whole where your inner and outer become one; where your male and female identities are compatible with the whole self; where mind and body work as a unit; and where you love deeply and unconditionally. Again, bask in this feeling for several moments until you begin to identify with this feeling of balance and wholeness.

Further up the spine to the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, we are met with a soft blue light that is cool and compelling. The throat chakra is the seat of communication and will power. It is here we experience the ability to make decisions and express them clearly. The language of the throat chakra is the language of knowing and determination. As you feel yourself experiencing the control and will that make you feel secure and directed, know that it is from the throat chakra and the color of blue that you derive these feelings. Stay in this area while you begin to feel yourself building determination to accomplish whatever you wish. Again, follow with your mind the path back down the silver cord to the earth forces that feed your chakra system and come back up through the colors and feelings to the throat chakra until you are quietly identifying with the strength that is the throat chakra.

The third chakra, also known as the third eye, is the brow chakra of deeper insight, intuitive messages and the ability to see beyond the physical. The color we see is a soft lavender color that is cool but not cold. Our psychic faculties are enhanced when we focus on the brow chakra. It allows us to see not just detail, but the larger picture of our lives. The sense of knowing that comes from opening this chakra energy center is a pure connection to our karmic path and our reason for being. Use this chakra to find the answers to those difficult questions where a simple yes or no doesn't work. For a few moments, let the lavender color flow through you, cooling and lighting the mind.

We finally arrive at the crown chakra, a beautiful light silver pink color emerges in our awareness. This chakra represents pure awareness, the enlightened self, the knowledge of worlds beyond. As this light flows from the top of your head into the ethers, you feel yourself opening to everything, safely and quietly with a sense of self-assuredness and wisdom beyond what you thought you could feel. There is no space limitation; there is no sound, yet all sounds blend beautifully in your ears; there is nothing you cannot feel, be, see or do. And you look back down the silver corded path, back to the earth's center and back up again to the space beyond the crown chakra. Your mind slides up and down the silver cord, moving freely and feeling all colors, all awarenesses.

As you are able to see the full path of earth center to crown chakra and beyond, you are feeling settled, comfortable in your skin and balanced within self and your environment. Let yourself go with these feelings of well-being, feeling grounded and strong. Return your awareness to the breath and your body as you bring these feelings of strength back to your everyday world. Whenever you are feeling disconnected, you can use this chakra grounding meditation to bring yourself back into balance.

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