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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Success: Step One is Good Web Design
Without good web design, proper keyword utilization and well-formed HTML code, your website won't pass the initial requirements for good search engine positioning. This article discussed the steps required for good web design in Tier I of the 3-Tiered strategy designed to make your website a successful, productive business operation online. [September 2005]
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SEO Success: Step Two is Attracting Search Engine Attention
Once your website is published, then you need to make sure the search engines can find you website and weight it for popularity that gets you in a prominent position for searches related to your website content. This article offers you guidance for Tier II strategy that creates link popularity from the perspective of the search engines. [September 2005]
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SEO Success: Step Three is Creating Long-Term Popularity
You have by now, used all the methods you can employ for generating traffic to your website and the search engines are beginning to create tracks back to your site. For long-term results and and developing you site as an authority site, this article outlines an additional Tier III strategy for this goal. [September 2005]
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SEO Checklist
This article is an easy to use checklist for your own efforts or as a means of working with and understanding your SEO specialist's work. [August 2005]
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It's All About Keywords
Keywords are the basis, the foundation, the absolute center of all internet activity. The internet, browsing, and web pages are all about keywords. [August 2006]
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Keyword Placement
Keywords have to be well-placed on your web pages so that search engines can create and identify the trail to your website for your potential customers. [August 2006]
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Creating Authority
Search engines do not understand about 99% of the websites on the Web because they are not deemed to be relevant for content. Content must relate to your site. [August 2006]
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Using Image Tags to Embed Keywords
It can be very difficult to discover ways to add keywords to your website. The goal is for 2% to 7% of keyword density and while it is not always easy to find ways of using those keywords, there is a technique you may not be aware of using the keyword ALT tag. [September 2006]
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Your Website's First Impression
Two things are very important in your web design: the first impression and the navigation. The challenge is to attract the eye, sell yourself and your business, and answer the "Why me?". [September 2006]
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Website Navigation
A website navigation scheme is a pyramid where the information offered is more specific and located at the top of the pyramid. The information is more complete and offers a greater explanation of the topic as you scroll further down the pyramid and deeper in the navigational content. [August 2006]
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Google's Advice
Google manages approximately 64% of all searches on the Internet. This is an incredible number that validates why you should cater to the Google method of SEO. [October 2006]
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Call to Action
A call to action on your website simply asks your viewer to do something. Think carefully about what you want from your websites visitors. This is your call to action (CTA). [October 2006]
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The Power of the 5 W's
A suggestion for organizing your thoughts about content, think of the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why. When you can answer the 5 W questions, you have covered your content needs. [October 2006]
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A fast, easy, and if deigned correctly effective way of getting traffic to your website is by using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Two very popular PPC programs are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. [October 2006]
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Effective Pay-Per-Click Ads
It's all about keywords. The focus for your PPC ad is relevant keywords. The keywords you choose will probably be chosen by the cost to use them. [November 2006]
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Blog is a word derived from Web and Log. It is an online journal that you can post in addition to your core website. Blogs are created as journals, soapboxes, or information sites by many people who don't have a website or want to ad additional content to an existing website. [November 2006]
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Changing Content
One of the most important factors that affect search engine indexing your web pages for search engine results pages (SERP) positioning and page rank is changing website content. If your pages are published but never updated or changed, you will never be ranked high enough to show up in the first few pages of a SERP. Changing content regularly is very important. [November 2006]
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Article Publishing
One of the most systemic forms of e-marketing relates to the creation and publication of articles that are directly related to your type of business. You can find article websites that offer free articles that cover almost any topic that you can publish on your website or post for others to download. [December 2006]
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Linking Strategies
Keywords make the internet possible. But the second most important element of the Internet involves linking of websites. [December 2006]
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Directory Listings
There are several directories that you can add your links to which will give you limited exposure. One of the easiest and most reasonably priced linking websites is . . . [December 2006]
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PPC Advertising vs. Organic Positioning
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been addressed before, but I wanted to make sure that regardless of how well your website shows up in search engine results pages (SERP), you understand the importance of this method if properly used. [December 2006]
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Autoresponder Magic
One of the best ways for you to stay in touch with your client is using an Autoresponder system. [January 2007]
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