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SEO Checklist

Use this checklist to implement your search engine optimization strategy. You may choose not to implement all aspects of this strategy, but the more you do, the greater your chance of driving traffic to a successful website. After all, isn't that your underlying goal: to drive traffic to your website and encourage the visitor to respond to your call to action?

Tier I - Solid Web Design

Keyword placement
  • Page Title
  • Meta tag - description
  • Meta tag - keywords
  • <H1> tag early on page
  • <B> tag enclosing keywords on page
  • <alt> tag with keywords
  • Content - early in first paragraph

Keyword density
  • Avoid spamming by not using keywords too heavily
  • 2% - 7% density

Navigation that is easy to use
  • Quick-loading graphics
  • Relevant content
  • Clean code - no broken tags

Tier II - Website Promotion

Content changes are critical to search engine attention
  • RSS newsfeeds
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Tips / Tricks
  • Client acknowledgements
  • Testimonials
  • Resource links
  • Partner links
  • Staff recognition / changes
  • Simple content changes on a regular basis
  • Image changes

Link popularity efforts
  • List with free search engines
  • Directory listings - paid and unpaid
  • Reciprocal links - only with PR 5+ is best strategy
  • Purchase links in the beginning
  • Create a blog linking back to website; post regularly
  • Participate in forums with link in signature line back to website
  • Make every effort to have links coming back to your site use keyword-based anchor text
  • Create and post sitemap.xml with Google

eMail subscription list
  • eMail subscription opportunity on the website
  • Mail newsletter out on regular basis

  • Posted on website
  • Posted on blogs
  • Posted on ezine lists
  • Posted in article directories
  • Vary article on website by 25%

Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Purchase keywords on Google Adwords
  • Purchase keywords on Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture)

Tier III - Long-term on-going SEO efforts

Creating long-term connections
  • Develop a list of additional keywords based around your core keywords
  • Create satellite pages using different domain names that focus on individual keyword sets designed to drive traffic back to the "money site"
  • Create links between these separate websites
  • Follow the same steps as in Tier I for website design considerations
  • Create ebooks and more articles designed to be found by search engines that will drive traffic back to the money site

Monitoring your results
  • Track hits from month-to-month
  • Track unique visitors
  • Track entrance and exit page for traffic
  • Monitor how long visitors spend on each page
  • Watch for keyword searches
  • Check Page Rank
  • Check link popularity
  • Check Google and other search engine website positioning for your keywords
  • Test results for every change you make; if the change doesn't produce positive results, abandon the technique and try something else

This is simply a checklist that has behind it considerable effort required to accomplish each step. This strategy toward search engine optimization is effective when implemented correctly. Should you need help in accomplishing the goals of your website, contact Chesa Keane at TAO Consultants, Inc.

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